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Special Offer
  Replace Your Old Recording,Switching and Tape Equipment with a 16 ch. Digital Video Recorder. Non Pc based from only €1000 + Vat.
More info call: 01 626 2722
Special Offer

FOUR CAMERA DVR with 4 High Resolution Dome Camera's installed from €1500 + Vat.
More info call: 01 6262 722

Special Offer

INTERNAL DOME CAMERAS: Replace your Existing internal old low res. cameras with Hi-Res Colour Dome Types.  From €280.00. + Vat. Each.
More info call: 01 626 2722


We use a wide range of CCTV equipment from suppliers all over the world.
See below for examples from our range in stock

Security Cameras
CCTV.IE. offers a full line of cameras that provide high quality pictures and features. Indoor, outdoor, covert, or in plain view, these cameras will capture the images you need.
CCTV.IE. offers a full line of analog, VGA and LCD or TFT Flat-screen monitors to fit all applications.
CCTV.IE. offers a full line of lenses in 1", 2/3", 1/2", 1/4", & 1/4" sizes. We also offer a wide range of fixed, vari-focal, and auto iris lenses to assure that we can handle your needs.
CCTV.IE.'s full line of video recorders allows us to choose the right machine for your installation. Event recording, real time, time lapse, we have the solution you need.
Digital Recorders
CCTV.IE. offers the latest in digital storage technology. These are the perfect tools for capturing, storing, & retrieving multiple video signals.
Quads & Multiplexers
CCTV.IE. offers the latest in quad & multiplexer technology. These are perfect tools for capturing multiple video signals to one video recorder.
Housings & Mounts
CCTV.IE. offers a full line of housings, mounts, and domes to complete any installation.
CCTV.IE. offers a full line of sequential switchers. These units are perfect for economical monitoring of multiple cameras.